First appearance
Favourite food
Ice cream
Rocky road
Favourite Pet
Bobo fish

Zack is a recently new added resident residing in Fantage. He has brown eyes and hair. He is best known for being Michelle's date. Zack was introduced in Fantage on April 11, 2013, when Michelle and him went to Chez Fantage to have a dinner date.

Zack says he loves acting in plays and hopes to open a theater soon which he has done. His theater (Zack's Acting Academy) is at the school and currently has four rooms, three stages and one screening room.


Zack NPC

Full portrait of Zack

  • Most people don't really like him.
  • Many rumors are spreading that Zack has cheated on Michelle. This is because when the 2012 Prom came out, it was Kawaii's time to shine. You had to vote for a guy for her to go with, and the guy would give everyone a free gift (the results ending up making Kawaii going out with Static). The reason why this rumor was created was because one of the available candidates to vote was Zack.
  • Ever since his arrival, many love scenes between Michelle and Zack were made, and sometimes they weren't even mentioned at all in the whole event, though they might be in an event comic.

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