Ice Rink

Ice Rink

The January 2014 Winter Freeze Event happened in January. You could go skating at the Ice Rink in the beach and plant two limited crops at your farm. As usual, you could also buy limited items from the Limited Items cart.

Ice Rink

The Ice Rink is located in the Beach. You can go on it even if you're not wearing a costume from the Limited Items cart. If you are wearing a limited costume, you can do cool actions on the Ice Rink!

Limited Crops


Limited Crops

The limited crops are Freezia and Peppermint Pine. they get you more stars and experience than any other plant
Cost Gives Time EXP
240 Stars 250 Stars 15 min.


Peppermint Pine


Gives Time EXP
560 Stars 570 Stars 2 hours


Limited Items Cart

The Limited Items cart can be found at Downtown, Uptown, and the Beach. You can buy cool costumes that do special actions on the Ice Rink. You can also buy the package which comes with hair, a hair accesory, an outfit, shoes, and a board. There are pictures of the limited items below.

Limited items (boys)

Limited Items for Boys

Limited items

Limited Items for Girls

Part 2


If you buy a helmet (premium and non avalible) you can participate in the Bobsleigh Game. Point of game: beat the other team down hill. You get tickets for playing.

Limited Items


  • White helmet

Premium Members

  • Sky Blue Helmet
  • Fantage Ski Costume
  • Stylish Ski Costume
  • Cool Speed Skater
  • Wild Speed Skater

Premium members got a special discount if they bought limited items.

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