I noticed that many people starting to quit Fantage.. They had some personal reasons or ether other reasons like they're too busy and old to play this game. But really, this is game for EVERYONE! Some people say that it is for little kids... In my opinion, they shouldn't mock that person when someone is playing their favorite childhood favorite games. IT IS OKAY when they play it, it isn't matter HOW old are they! It makes me mad when people say, "HA HA YOU'RE PLAYING THAT STUPID LITTLE KIDS' GAMES!". How immature are they! Obliviously, they NEVER experienced playing it anyways. It is their loss. Many people had made many friends on that game. But, it makes me sad that someone tells their friend from Fantage that she or he is quitting Fantage. They can become very alone and felt a connection to that person. To be honest, I used to be one of them. Sometimes, it is hard to move on without their closest Fantage friend.

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