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Whack a Veggie is a game originally found in the Carnival, in the arcade. Along with the other games, it was moved to the Retro Arcade after the Fantage Cataclysm. The game was released on September 4th, 2009.


Players use their mouse as a hammer to smash various veggie characters in this game. There are the three veggies that player must try to smash: Noino the onion, Otamot the tomato, and Gaji the eggplant. Hitting Noino gives the players 5 points; Otamot 10 points; and Gaji 15 points.

Players must not try to hit the lily flower or the bomb. Hitting the lily flower will make the player lose 20 points. Hitting the bomb will instantly end the game.

Premium Membership functionality

There are two types of hammers available for use in the game. The smaller and basic hammer, accessible by all users, could hit 1 veggie at a time. The other hammer, which is more polished and bigger in size, is accessible only for Premium Members. The bigger hammer can hit up to 3 veggies at a time.


  • Noino's name is Onion backwards. This is also done for Otamot, which is Tomato backwards.
  • Players who received a score of at least 200 over the weekend (of the week when the game was released) would receive a special limited edition sticker of the three main vegetables on September 9th, 2009.

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