Weepygigi is a Fantage animator previously known as "xchocobutt❤️"

She is one of the many well known Fantage animators in the Fantage community. She has been in the Fantage YouTube community since September 2nd, 2014. Her most viewed video is her (as of 2016/08/07) is "Crybaby" featuring participants such as Pinkerellie and Buejayduo.

She is also well-known by:

  • (Now-deleted) Carousal Collab.
  • One of YouSTDO's co-leaders
Weepygigi is a first audition-er member of YouSTDO and now is a co-leader. She has been in the studio for over a year.


Weepygigi is an amazing, sweet, fun-loving and kind person to be with. She is not afraid to inter-act with her fans and is truly inspirational by, not just her videos alone, but her will and determination to over-come her social anxiety when she stated it in her Total Drama Fantage audition. She is one of a kind.


Fmv - lavender town00:36

Fmv - lavender town

Her most recent video as of 2016/08/07. "Lavender Town" sFMV an introduction for her new main oc.

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