When you receive the mission's medal, you will level up by 10. You must be a Premium Member to activate level up. Dr. Finkelstein first appears here.


  1. Start the mission which has a picture of Dr. Finkelstein in it.
  2. Go talk to Agent Scarlet. Then go to the Lighthouse.
  3. Go inside the Lighthouse as a scene appears. Tell Agent Scarlet that there are robots blocking the Lighthouse. She will tell you find missing parts. To do this, play one of the minigames that she told you to do in the Secret Headquarters.
  4. Once the metal robot suit is in place, defeat the robots by playing a minigame. Defeat them and you'll battle the Weatherbot by playing a similar rock-paper-scissors game.
  5. A scene will occur once you've defeated the Weatherbot. You recieve the medal!

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