Vintage Gold

Vintage gold open

Items Sold
Beta, Limited, Prize, and Retired Items.
November 7, 2013
October 9, 2014

Vintage Gold was a Fantage shop located in Uptown. This shop replaced Trade N Sell. It was announced on October 15, 2013 and was released on November 7, 2013. Vintage Gold is different from the Vintage Classics shop of 2010.


In the Vintage Gold shop, Fantagians can buy Retired, Event, or Beta Items for at a standard price.

  • Tip: The more rare the item is, the higher the price.

Purchasing/Obtaining Items

Like most shops, in Vintage Gold you can only purchase items. It is impossible to trade or sell items in Vintage Gold. Different items are displayed each day.

Items Released Daily

In Vintage Gold, there are four items released every day. These items can be any Retired, Beta, Event, or Limited items. These items are available to purchase all day long, and are replaced by new items the next day. Users can also view the items that are going to be released for sale for the next seven days.


One of the unique features of Vintage Gold is voting; Fantagians can vote once a day on an item they would like to be available to purchase (The items are usually retired or rare). The items they vote for are not 100% guaranteed to be sold there, although there is a high chance. 

Types of Items Usually Sold

Items sold in Vintage Gold are basically anything that is currently not available in shops. These items can be specified as: limited items, retired items, beta items, past prize items, and more.


The exact reason why Vintage Gold was opened is not currently known. Fantagians do suspect, however, that the main reason Trade n' Sell was closed and Vintage Gold opened was because of the scamming and excessive use of Trade n' Sell. On October 7, 2014; via the Fantage Facebook Page; it was hinted Vintage Gold would soon be closed and replaced with a "Premium Member Only Boutique". Following the announcement the shop was replaced on October 9 leaving the PM Boutique in the shops place. It has since then become one of the Retired Shops.

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