There are many Valentine's Day events in Fantage. But no Valentine's Day event will be just as unique as this one!

Valentine's Day Event 2012
Limited Item Sale?
Story Stampbook?
February 10-unknown


Dr. Finkelstein was ready- he hid into Cupid's house, ready to steal Cupid's arrow! His robbery was a success- until he tripped while escaping. The arrow went flying up and landed right on Dr. Finkelstein! Instantly, Dr. Finkelstein went from evil to friendly! The Cupid's arrow gave Dr. Finkelstein the lovebug, and now he's friendly, ready for Valentine's Day! During one sunny day, Dr. Finkelstein saw the entrance to the Secret Headquarters near Stellar Salon. His plan was to sneak up to Agent Scarlet- and give her a box of chocolates! (Ooh, Dr. Finkelstein is blushing in this scene!) Can you help Dr. Finkelstein accomplish this task?


  • Arrange the chocolates in the boxes in order before time runs out!
  • Arrange people's dates with the right people in time, using the help of Dr. Finkelstein and Cupid's Arrow!
  • Spread Valentine's Day love with a big heart!
  • Help Dr. Finkelstein give the chocolate box to Agent Scarlet while being blinded with love in the forest!

Other Info

The Chocolate Fountain from Valentine's Day Event 2010 returns. But in this fountain, you can only wear the Fondue Suits(apple, cake, strawberry) to get covered in delicious chocolate! it will also return in 2013.

The Valentine's Day Battle returns from Valentine's Day Event 2011, except you must cover your ice cream parfait in different flavors! The team with the most members of a certain flavor wins!

This Story Stampbook is much easier from Chrismas 2011 Event's book, like the Stampbook from Fantage On Ice!

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