Unicorn Adventure


September 24th, 2015 - October 7th, 2015
Event Type
User-Inspired Event
Event Theme
Areas Affected

Unicorn Adventure was a Unicorn-themed event in Fantage that lasted from September 24th, 2015 till October 7th, 2015. The event consisted of two parts: the first part releasing as the same day of the overall event release; and the second part releasing on October 1st, 2015.


Before the event, Fantage told Fantagians to send in Fan Art submissions to that were Unicorn themed. Some suspected a User-Inspired event coming. The Fantage staff then teased Fantagians about the event before it was to release. The winning submissions were then turned into User-Inspired Items.

The event was broken into two parts.

Part 1

Part 1 of the event released two Limited Item sets. The two designs both had a unicorn theme and were made by Fantage users Mimimini17 and secretlyapony. The event also had Fantagians log onto Fantage to find that they could help unicorn eggs hatch. The egg would hatch longer if the player had logged onto Fantage for longer periods of time. The player could also use Gems to speed up the hatching proccess. Hatching the unicorn over time will level up the player's 2015 Unicorn Adventure Medal and give them prizes such as Stickers and special items for the player's inventory.

Part 2

Part 2, releasing on October 1st, released four new Limited Item sets. Like the previous two sets, these four sets had a unicorn theme. These four sets were designed by Fantage users gianna4125, jenny_light, yumi_marz, and bluekirby123. The Holiday Pet Rosie was also available to hatch for users who did not get to hatch her the first time.

Fantage also made a coloring page for Fantagians to print out and color onto. The coloring page has unicorns in the sky on it. Fantagians would win something for submitting a winning piece. They were to submit it to the Comet's Fan Art category.


  • This is the 2nd time Rosie was available
  • Unlike some previous User-inspired item contests, users who's entries were picked did not receive their items for free.

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