Unbreakable is an Fantage Animated Series made by 4Everfantage. The story is told in Kai's Point of view. It's about a girl named Kai who is determined to stop something called Hopes. Hopes have the ability to take over human's mind. They have killed many people. Kai and her squad set out to kill Dr. Medan,creator of Hopes. 

Screen Shot 2013-09-22 at 7.25.55 PM
Made By 4Everfantage
Starring Isabella3361,Jayden_ouo,Melodysta,Sensei_123,Izzieanna,Roro84
Release August,27 2013
Genre Science Fiction,Adventure and Romance
Season 1 So far,3 planned

Izzy (Known as 4Everfantage) has a Mac. So,it isn't easy to find animation programs. Sony Vegas,AVS,Corel. She can't get any of that. But,lucky for her a program named Easy Animator showed up. 



  • Kylie (Kai) - Kai is determined to do what she plans. Her personality is very unique. She's seems strong and stable but sometimes,she's weak.
  • Melanie (Mel) - Mel is Kai's best friend. She's very loyal. Sometimes,she seems worried about Kai.
  • Jayden - Kai's love interest which will be revealed later on. 
  • Finn - The boy who escaped from Medan's world. Since he's from Medan's world he knows where Medan's head-quarters are.


  • Orchid - Kai's 12 year old sister. Orchid is young but wise.

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