Tyling202 Is a Fantage user. She has been playing since May 21, 2011 and really loves the game. She first heard about Fantage through her older sisters' best friend, who'd invited her older sister to the game, so she decided to try Fantage. (This was also how she started playing on Club Penguin, but she no longer plays it anymore , having lost interest.) Before she had her current account, She had an account called Violet###,(Numbers long forgotten) but due to a computer problem and the losing of the password, she could not continue playing on that account, and made a new one...And thus, Tyling202 was born!!! Around the time she made the account, she liked watching the Avatar: The Last Airbender series on Netflix. Her favorite character was an acrobatic girl who ran away from the circus, called Tyling- Or so She thought. She didn't find out until years later into making her account, that the Acrobat Girl's Name wasn't Tyling-It was Tylee ! But nonetheless, she continued to play on her account and gain more levels.

Fantage Activity, Preferences and More

She is a Non-member. She used to want to be a Member, but now prefers using ecoins to purchase Premium Items. She is very friendly and will add you if you just ask. Her best friends on Fantage are Crytsal2287, ( Who she knows in real life) and Crystal's sister, Brooklyn36982 - both of whom she personally invited to Fantage. She does not have a 'One' , mostly because she thinks the idea of them is a bit silly. You can find her on varying types of servers, nearly everyday. She likes going to tryouts, especially Fashion shows and Movie tryouts. If you see her and she is just waving and jumping all over the place with her hexed wand, then that means she is happy-or bored. She also likes to record her gameplay , and hopes to create a Youtube account to display her screencasts.

Page written by user starr10563782 with the help of user Tyling2002.


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