how to play treasure hunters

"Treasure Hunters" was an event in Fantage where you could help knock down layers of the ancient monkeys tomb on the island, beside the spa. You could buy drills and sws and tools to chip the layers, or you can use the brush which knocks off small amounts of chips slowly but recharges hourly. Some chips give you stars. You could also get big prizes from certain layers.


After every time Fantage knocked down ten layers, you get a medal with one level if you participated.

Poisonous Bananas

The Temple was evacuated because of a layer of poisonous bananas on certain occasions. 

Fantage Steps

  • Go to the Island
  • Select a TOOL
  • The better the tool the faster you can break through the walls
  • Use bombs to randomly break an entire wall
  • Hundreds of walls make up one layer
  • Break 10 layers communally as a Fantage team to win rewards
  • Win a MEDAL and LEVEL UP to 50 if you participate!
  • Win +5 levels for every layer you help break through!
  • The Top 100 clickers for each layer will receive SPECIAL GIFTS!

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