Top Models Tournament

The Top Models Tournament takes place on PM Boutique and it started on November 1, 2014. Ever since, PM Boutique has become a lot more popular. Like the Top Models Inc. fashion shows, there are themes. In the tournament, the theme changes every 8 PM FST (Fantage Standard Time).


There are 30 themes all in all in the tournament. There is a "fixed set" of themes and the 30 themes remain on the same day of every month (except for months that have less or more than 30 days, that will change the flow or pattern). The "set" starts with Sporty (usually the first day on a month with 30 days), then ends with Hipster (usually the last or 30th day on a month with 30 days). After Hipster, the "set" will reset and go back to the first theme, which is Sporty.

November 2014 was the first month of the tournament and it had a "regular" pattern (because the month had exactly 30 days). The "regular" pattern of the themes is as follows:

  1. Sporty (11/01/14)
  2. Fashionista (11/02/14)
  3. Gothic (11/03/14)
  4. Elegant (11/04/14)
  5. Formal (11/05/14)
  6. Preppy (11/06/14)
  7. SoCal (11/07/14)
  8. Fantasy (11/08/14)
  9. Anime (11/09/14)
  10. Urban (11/10/14)
  11. Trendy (11/11/14)
  12. Vintage (11/12/14)
  13. Medieval (11/13/14)
  14. Popstar (11/14/14)
  15. Girly (11/15/14)
  16. Casual (11/16/14)
  17. Summer Fun (11/17/14)
  18. Funny (11/18/14)
  19. Geeky (11/19/14)
  20. Musical (11/20/14)
  21. Fall Chic (11/21/14)
  22. Winter (11/22/14)
  23. Spring (11/23/14)
  24. Bling Bling (11/24/14)
  25. Edgy (11/25/14)
  26. Punk Rocker (11/26/14)
  27. Dancer (11/27/14)
  28. Indie (11/28/14)
  29. CosPlay (11/29/14)
  30. Hipster (11/30/14)

This pattern remains the same up until the present time. (although the themes don't remain on the same day due to some months not having 30 days, which leads to themes being early or late by one to three days)


  • The themes Sporty, Preppy, Popstar were themes that were once in the Top Models Inc. Fashion Shows while Formal and Fantasy are themes that are both in the fashion shows and the tournament.

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