Toocie2005's IDFone.

Toocie2005 is a famous Fantage Youtuber.

About Toocie2005

Toocie2005 goes by the name Sophie, and her Sister Mae ( Maegrrrl on Fantage ) have been making Youtube videos on a channel called , since November 5, 2008. The dates either of them joined Fantage are unkown. Toocie2005 rose to fame in early 2014 or so, when Fantagians started to take notice of her live gameplay videos. Some of her videos also include her best friend Emmie (Emmieyk on Fantage ).

Mghd On Youtube


If Toocie2005 is on Fantage, she is usually also recording a live gameplay video. Fantagians congregate wherever she is residing, and practically mob her, begging her to add them, and trying to be featured in her latest live video. Whether or not she enjoys the attention is unknown, but usually, she wrapped up in her own tasks, which mostly involve purchasing new Items. It is also known that there are many imposters, that claim to be Toocie2005, though their evidence isn't very convincing.


A screenshot from the video : Fantage Toocie 2005 has been Hijacked


On September 14, 2014, posted a video entitled: "Fantage Toocie2005 Has been Hijacked!!!" . The video explained how she was recently hacked by : "One of you people.... [ her fans ] Tsk Tsk! Just kidding!" . In that Live video Sophie debuted her new account, 'Melon_Toocie'. She stated that since she'd been hacked, she canceled her membership on the old account, and started all over again with a new account and membership. She also informed her fans that if they saw Toocie2005 anywhere on Fantage that it wasn't her.

Fantage Toocie2005 Has been HiJacked!!!01:16:57

Fantage Toocie2005 Has been HiJacked!!!

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