Things I'll Never Say
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November 26, 2012
purpleizzy, joanne65, alex9462, etc.
Movie Acts

Things I'll Never Say is a Fantage Series created by maxyperson. It's about a group of wondrous friends who go through much. There's Delilah, Jessie, Evan and Brandon. Delilah had developed a crush on Evan, but she must act soon before Evan's new girlfriend steals him away. And to make it worse, he's her best friends sister. And then there's Jessie, Evan' sister and Delilah's other best friend. She and Branden, Delilah's other best friend, also have a complicated relationship. I would say it's more of a love-hate relationship. But now, something big is coming, and they'll have to do something soon. Or they all might loose each other forever.


Note : Some characters are exclusive and from different series

  • purpleizzy as Delilah
  • joanne65 as Jessie
  • alex9462 as Evan
  • lugia845 as Branden
  • joanne65 as Brittney
  • kendall393 as Josh (Exclusive : in Movie Act only)
  • becca_10101 as Megan (Exclusive : in Movie Act only)


Episode 1

"I've liked you for a longgg time..." Evan confessed. He had asked Delilah out, and she said yes. And they married and kissed. But then came the voice of Jessie screaming Delilah. And she awoke from her dream. She had completely forgotten she was having a sleepover at Jessie's. When they arrived at school, they see Brandon, who gives them the biggest news. EVAN GOT A GIRLFRIEND. Delilah goes up to find Evan and Brittney making out...

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