The Mad Scientist is a Fantage Mission that introduced both the Lighthouse and Dr. Finkelstein to Fantage.

How to finish:

1. Talk to Agent Scarlet in the mission center. You will then watch a short movie. After that, talk to her again.

2. After you talk to her, go to beach and in its waters. (a suprise will happen in fantage!) Go to the far left side and there will be a sign that says Lighthouse. Click on it and you arrive there.

3. You have another mini movie to watch, and this time your thrown out of the lighthouse by some robot. (oh...) Go back to mission center and talk to Agent Scarlet. After you talk to her, talk to her again and you are transferred to a Quest to find the Legendary Armour.

4. The coordinates to find all the parts are: A3, A4, C4, D1, E3, and E6. They look like colorful metal Items and will be enough to beat Dr. Finkelstien

5. Its time to defeat Dr. Finkelstien and stop this nonsense once and for all, so head back to the beach and enter yourself.

6. You must play a game called Battle With the Weatherbots and there are three rounds : Tammy Tornadoe, Mark the Shark, and Zap Morris. Duck is down arrow, Jump is up arrow, and press spacebar to shoot. If you press the spacebar longer, it will charge and shoot more affective, larger, weapons. (Instructions in the game.) It is best to crouch most of the time. That way no attacks can hit you.

7. Once you have deafeten them all, you are on with your last oppenent–Weatherbot. He has all the powers of Mark, Tammy, and Zap. Its basically “Rock, paper, scissors” except with gust of wind, water, and lightning. Wind defeats lightning, Lightning defeats water, water defeats wind. Click on one of the cards of one element and cross your fingers… Weatherbot has no strategy, its random. If you lose to him, don’t worry, you duel him again.

8. Once you defeat yourself you are in another mini movie with Dr. Finkelstien trying to fly away with Agent Scarlet diving after him with a parachute and Your done!

You May Get Your New Medal and enjoy!

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