When creating a User page for the Wiki, please follow these rules.

  • Must be a noteworthy User. Fantage has over 30,000,000 registered Users. This Wiki can't host pages on all of them. Make sure you're creating a page for a noteworthy User. See below on determining whether or not a User is noteworthy.
  • Keep a neutral perspective. The page may document the good and the bad in the sense that it is factual information. No sugarcoating. Also, the page should not be written from the writers perspective, so don't go adding your personal experience with them.
  • What should be added? Include the Users level, a detailed summary, a photo. Also state if they are a Premium member or not.
  • What should not be added? Personal information, or Opinionated information. (Exampleuser123 is the coolest user on Fantage)
  • Don't be too short. The user page should always be enough so that people will be able to learn about the user

User page Q&A

Questions and Answers for User pages. For more, contact an active Fantage Wiki administrator


Q: I'm a Fantage user that is considered noteworthy. Can I create my own page?

A: Yes! Just follow the rules when creating it. The page for the successful Fantage blog, Fantageville was created by the owners themselves.

Q: Can my page be removed?

A: If you wish, we will remove your page by request. Please contact an active Fantage Wiki admin with your reason, and legitimate proof that you are the user in question.

Q: I created a page for a noteworthy user and it was removed!

A: A user's noteworthiness can be debatable. Deleted pages can be restored! Please contact an active Fantage Wiki admin.

What makes a User noteworthy?

A noteworthy user, in this case, is a user that has had a notable impact within the Fantage community. A Fantage user that would be considered well known that others may wish to learn about. Information on a user that is noteworthy will likely be found in various places, not just a page on this Wiki.

Pinkerellie search

A Google search on the Fantage YouTuber Pinkerellie will result in numerous results and suggestions

Noteworthy users are not simply Fantage users with high levels, or someone with a Fantage YouTube account. There are some cases where users are known for their high levels, however this does not mean having a high level makes any user noteworthy. Noteworthy users are not just players that are "popular". No Fantage player simply chooses to be notable, thus simply claiming someone is noteworthy doesn't make it so.

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