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Hello! Welcome to the One and Only Fantage Wiki!

Fantage is a fantastic website where a kid can play with friends and enter contests. Fantage even has games to play, which give you Stars, and with those Stars, you can buy items for your Fantagian! All you have to do is register on Fantage! Please visit About The Fantage Wiki to know more about this wiki. Visit our Policies, please.

The Fantage Wiki! is a great wiki, and is still contributing to make sure you know the best about Fantage. We have plenty of info on well-known Fantagians(users), popular series based off of Fantage in YouTube, the places of Fantage, what you can do on Fantage, and even a guide to understanding what other Fantagians are saying and another guide to help you understand what a "tryout" is! Come and visit what we have right now!

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As of March 28, 2015.

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Our Competition!

This wiki is the second Fantage Wiki that was created 3 years after The Fantage Wiki! was first released. It is a knockoff. Whatever you do, DON'T JOIN. Our Wiki is the very first Fantage Wiki and will be the first result when you type it into your search-bar.

The Fantage Wiki! was created in 2008 by betas Canada and Sameer1000 to help all the Fantage users!

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