The Beach

The Beach

Not to be confused with The Island.

The Beach is one of the main areas in Fantage. You can get there directly from the map or from Downtown, and The Carnival . You can also collect shells or pet treats. If you click on the sun, the beach will turn into nighttime.

It was first introduced in March 2008

Sunblock is located at The Beach where you can buy Skintone and Eyes for your Fantagian. Fantage Spanish's Sunblock contains a glitch where you can buy any eyes for free by buying them with 0 eCoins.



A game where you play as a crab and try to shoot at enemies with a water balloon.

Jelly Fishin'

A game where you aim a plunger to try and catch jellyfish and avoid Sea urchins.

Fish Fish

A fishing game where you catch fish for points. The game is available for the iPhone and iPad.

Dance Fever

This game is inside the Dance club, you play the game by choosing songs from the category and matching the arrow keys from the keyboard

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