Tabitha is the younger sister of Orion. Tabitha was misunderstood and unnoticed for a long time, until she one day helped to solve a mystery in Fantage, the story of how she did is the story that is told by the Wizard Cards set. She is extremely shy and sensitive, and is often hesitant to speak up. According to Tabitha's backstory on Card Quest, she feels inferior to Orion because he is the better wizard, however according to one of the cards in the First Edition set, many Fantagians believe Tabitha is a more powerful wizard than Orion. It is also said in Card Quest that Orion is Tabitha's role model, however Tabitha does not wish to tell anyone of this.

  • Gender - Female
  • Place - Wizard's Domain
  • Birthday - September 12th

Tabitha in the Wizard's Domain

Tabitha 2

Tabitha in a Fantage event movie

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