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How to Complete:

Watch the show.

Click on Agent Scarlet.

- Got it! I’m on my way.

Go to the lighthouse.

Play The Game and finish it.

Now Go back to the mission center.

Click Agent Scarlet.

- Let’s go after him!

- OK!

Talk to the scientist.[He's on the right.]

- The submarine must be completed!

- Sure what do you need?

- hmm…

-Frosted glass?

Frosted glass is found Mt. Fantage!


Propeller is found on The Dock.


Periscope is found in the Jester's costume shop in uptown.

-I’ll bring it right away!

Go to Mt. Fantage>Go to Ski Camp. Click the round thing.

Go back to the mission center.

Talk to the scientist.

- Ok!

- After Dr. Finkelstein!

Play the game and try to finish it and if you want to finish it follow my dirrections:

When you begin you will find that you are at the far left and you got 2 ways down, so take the 2nd one( at the far right down),then downwards(you got 2 ways so take the last one at the down) then right, then go up and your will find some grass and it will look like its blocking the path so when you find some light green grass go to it then go down and you will find a man holding the item quest. will have a finish another quest and try to make it right or you will have to do it over again!!

Mission Captain Cody will come and take/save you.


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