Summer Camp Ghost Tales


July 17th, 2013 - July ?? 2013
Event Type
Story Event
Event Theme
Summer Camp/Horror
Areas Affected
Summer Camp
Featured Games

"Summer Camp Ghost Tales" was a mysterious event in Fantage in July 2013. A deliciously mystifying story was made in this event, where you must help Michelle and Stella find out if their theory is true: ghosts haunting the Summer Camp. You might not want to go to summer camp anymore...


  • A sort of mission game was made in-game once you clicked on Stella to see what was going on. You were to help Stella find clues about her theory each day. All of this got you prizes and finally a medal.
  • Top Models Inc. put a new Spooky theme in their fashion show game. It was obviously because of this.
  • New spooky ghost-themed Rare items were made.


There weren't any special games made or featured, but there was a fun and captivating mystery game to do while you were there.

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