Summer Camp 2015!


May 28th, 2015 - June 10th, 2015
Event Type
Seasonal Event
Event Theme
Summer Camp
Areas Affected
Summer Camp
Featured Games
Pillow Fighter

Summer Camp 2015 was the opening event of the Summer Campgrounds area during the Summer of 2015.


As the Summer Campgrounds open for the summer, Fantagians once again enjoyed summer at summer camp! Whether they just want to fish or hang out in their cabins. This time, an all-new mini-game, "Pillow Fighters" was released, playable in the camp cabins. There was two cabins. Cabin one was for boys only. Cabin two was for girls only. If you are opposite gender, they'll say, "WHOA! you are not boy or girl!" as they back you off. They had items like marshmallow sticks.

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