Summer Camp is a camp that is usually open during the summer in the same area of fantage and is usually almost the same as previous years. You can roast marshmellows or wienies, go to

Summer camp

the lake and get boats to catch fish and stars, go into cabins, and more.


Outside the cabins, there are two pranks you can do to a specific cabin. For girls, there's flowers on the top of the boys cabin. If you click on it, the roof will be covered with flowers. Another prank is the lipstick prank. Click on the glass with the green stuff in it twice and you'll see a basket move. There, you will find lipstick. Click on it and the boys cabin will be covered with writings and

Prank 1

One of the girls prank for the boys

stuff. For the boys, there's a carton of eggs on the roof of the girls cabin. Click on it and you'll see the girls cabin get egged. Another prank is kinda similar to the girls with the lipstick. Click on the glass with the green stuff twice and a basket will move. There, you will find some toilet paper. Click on it and the girls cabin will be toilet papered.

Boys cabin

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