How To Fly Anywhere In Fantage!02:11

How To Fly Anywhere In Fantage!


Fantage Fruity (Sugaplum8888's Fantage Blog) is a blog dedicated to the online virtual world, Fantage , and is ran by admin sugarplum8888, and many more workers. This is just like many other blogs like blissswirl, etc.

No more inactive workers are needed, ACTIVE ONES ARE NEEDED!

Sugarplum8888 also has a YouTube Account as a sample video on the right. It teaches fantagians how to fly. It is very unique and helpful

History Over Time

As first started out Sugarplum Fantage Fruity, the name has changed over time to Fantage Fruity. The domain, however remains the same as  The Wordpress site opened up on a gloomy December 30th afternoon. Since then, theres been much improvement overall ranging from the blogger, to layouts, and formatting.

It has, to this day, used the "Adventure Journal" theme on WordPress, although the owner(s) change the background frequently according to the season and upcoming holidays.

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