Star Cafe


Why famous?
It's the ultimate hangout for nearly everything.
When crowded?
"Events" (such as dares)

Star Café is a place located at the busy Downtown. It is quite popular sometimes. Go over there at certain times and the place will be crowded with crazy fantage people.

What to do


You can just hang out or be weird here to make everyone laugh. Also, you can use a magic of secrets to go through the window, or play some games. Sometimes, people glitch through the counter with the cafe lady who stands by the cashier.


Star Cafe used to have these games available to play, but they were later moved to the Retro Arcade.

Fruit Stack

Connect-Four styled game with apples and oranges.


Tic-Tac-Toe styled game with cookies.

Memory Mix-Up

Test your memory by making pairs of your favorite Fantage NPCs.

Jigsaw Jigsaw

Finish that jigsaw puzzle!

What was found here?

Who Broke Top Models?: Apple Pie

Other Languages

  • Spanish: Star Café
  • Japanese: スターカフェ (Sutakafe, Star Café)

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