St Patrick's Day 2015

03 sp1

March 12th - March 25th 2015
Event Type
Holiday Event
Event Theme
St Patrick's Day
Areas Affected
Uptown, Downtown, Forest, Farms
Featured Games
Arrest Leprechaun!, Raining Clover

St Patrick's Day 2015 was an event held in March 2015 for St. Patricks Day. The event featured a new, green grassy background for Downtown and Uptown as well as the Forest, which was kept for the Easter event that followed.


The event was released with a Limited items cart as well as daily Parades in Downtown. More features were revealed as the event went on.

Limited Items

The event featured two sets of Limited items - one when the event was first released, and another on the 16th. Both sets were available together for the rest of the event. Additionally, two limited farm plants were released during the event: Clover and Lucky Clover.


Users could participate in Parades in Downtown, starting 4:00 PM FST each day of the event. The Parade theme was Green. After each parade, users who joined would earn stars. The first user to select to join the parade would appear in front as the leader.


The event featured 2 games, revealed on 3/18 and 3/20

Arrest Leprechaun!

Revealed on 3/18, Arrest Leprechaun! was a St. Patrick's Day clone of Mouse Out. Users could earn start or prizes from winning the game. There were 3 prizes available, and Premium Members had a higher chance of getting them when winning.

Raining Clover

Released on 3/20, Raining Clover was a group game. Users were assigned on teams of different colors while Clovers fell from the top of the screen. The team that collected the most clovers won Stars.

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