Servers are used in virtual worlds, due to the fact that if only one server was used, it would be quickly crowded and no one else would be allowed in. Using only one server would also cause lag, if there are more people in the server. To prevent anyone from being blocked from the site due to a full server, virtual worlds, such as Fantage, use multiple servers.

In mid 2009, a new feature to the servers were added, where if a user's buddy was logged on in a server, the server would have a star and a number on it to tell the player that their buddy (ies) are online in that server. This was further expanded in 2011, where the servers were changed to tell who was in that server.

Server List

This is the complete list of servers in Fantage. Not all servers will be on Fantage, so a select amount of these servers will be online. The servers chosen are randomized each week. The select amount of servers is only present in the Fantage USA version of Fantage.


The servers in Fantage USA are named after animals in certain colors.

  • Almond Armadillo
  • Aqua Unicorn
  • Auburn Hippo
  • Blue Tiger*
  • Blueberry Bobcat
  • Bronze Badger
  • Brown Bear
  • Burgundy Bullfrog
  • Cocoa Caribou
  • Cranberry Coyote
  • Crystal Phoenix*
  • Evergreen Eagle
  • Fuchsia Flamingo*
  • Gold Gazelle*
  • Guava Gorilla*
  • Green Giraffe*
  • Indigo Fox
  • Jade Duck
  • Lava Gerbil
  • Lavender Lion*
  • Lilac Lemur*
  • Magenta Pony*
  • Mahogany Mongoose
  • Mint Manatee*
  • Olive Otter*
  • Opal Orangutan
  • Orange Monkey
  • Pastel Porcupine
  • Periwinkle Puffin
  • Persimmon Piglet
  • Pink Cow*
  • Pumpkin Platypus
  • Purple Panda*
  • Raspberry Raven
  • Red Kangaroo
  • Rose Robin
  • Ruby Rhino
  • Scarlet Starfish
  • Shadow Hawk*
  • Sienna Shark
  • Silver Bunny
  • Topaz Tortoise
  • White Seal*
  • Yellow Yeti

Servers marked with an asterisk (*) have inspired Fantage Inc. to make hoverboards with the same name. They can be purchasable in Loco Boardz with a user with Premium Membership, or with any user with eCoins or Gold.


The servers, like Fantage USA, are named after animals in certain colors.

  • Poni Magenta (Magenta Pony)
  • Foca Blanca (White Seal)


Like Fantage USA or Fantage SP, servers are named after animals, but with no colors.

  • うさぎ (Usagi, Rabbit)
  • はりねずみ (Harinazumi, Hedgehog)
  • たぬき (Tanuki, Raccoon dog)
  • きつね (Kitsune, Fox)
  • ドラゴン (Doragon, Dragon)
  • アザラシ (Azarashi, Seal)
  • キリン (Kirin, Giraffe)
  • ふくろう (Fukuro, Owl)
  • トナカイ (Tonakai, Reindeer)
  • しまうま (Shimauma, Zebra)
  • イルカ (Iruka, Dolphin)
  • ライオン (Raion, Lion)
  • コアラ (Koara, Koala)
  • パンダ (Panda, Panda)
  • にわとり (Niwatori, Chicken)
  • ひつじ (Hitsuji, Sheep)
  • しろくま (Shirokuma, Polar Bear)
  • カモシカ (Kamoshika, Antelope)
  • ユニコーン (Yunikon, Unicorn)
  • あひる (Ahiru, Duck)


  • Fantage Inc's personal favorite server is Magenta Pony. This is shown on the description for the Magenta Pony board. It may also explain the reason why sometimes the only server on Fantage SP is Poni Magenta (Magenta Pony).
  • Instead of being called the Gold Gazelle board, the board named after Gold Gazelle is simply called the Gazelle Board.

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