The Secret Fairyland is a secret area made in 2011 that could only be accessed by first going to the Grotto. The area is made up of two different rooms and was home to Serendipity until 2014.

  • 2011-2014
  • 2014-present

To enter the Secret Fairyland, you have to click on the three candles in the area in a specific order. The order will be shown on a rock near the swan boat in the area (previously it was on an arched wall) in the form of three symbols (blue bell, orange ball, green leaf). The symbols will match on the candles. The symbol order goes from left to right. Upon clicking on the candles in the right order, the swan boat will open up to the user and the user is then able to ride the boat to the Secret Fairyland.


  • This was one of two secret areas released in October 2011
  • This hidden area's name was untitled until September 2012, when the IDfone was upgraded from a flip phone look to a tablet look.
    A new feature in the new IDfone added then was the little side profile Fantagians could customize. "Secret Fairyland" was found as an option under the "Fantage Town" category in this profile.
  • The order of the symbols on the rock by the swan boat in the Grotto change with every log-in.

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