Rocket Board is a game on Fantage where the player rides a skateboard on a roller coaster ride. Like most of the other games in Fantage, it was moved to the Retro Arcade after the Fantage Cataclysm.


The game features the player riding on a skateboard-themed hoverboard while enjoying a roller coaster ride. The ride has many obstacles and the player has to avoid them by jumping over them. The player's avatar will tell the player when an obstacle is in the way by showing what obstacle with a speech button as they come close. As the ride progresses, the meter shows how the fast the player is going.

When the player is hit by an obstacle, the player will be immobilized and cannot jump for a while. The player has three hearts, which represent lives. When the player is hit by an obstacle four times, the game will end and reward the player with Stars. If the player manages to pass a level, any lives that were removed will be recovered for the next level.

There are four obstacles: a traffic cone, a tall orange structure with spikes on the top, a roller coaster loop, some small trains, and a snake coming out of a basket. The traffic cone, trains, and the snake can be avoided by jumping over them, though jumping over the snake will need good timing (the snake always appears after a hill starting from level 3). The orange structure can be avoided by ignoring it and not jumping on the spiked ramp, and the roller coaster loop, however, is not a real obstacle.


  • Press the Space Bar to jump.
  • Press and hold the Space Bar to hold the board and get 40 points.
  • Press and hold the left or right arrow buttons while hovering in midair to make a backflip and get 80 points. You can also press and hold the Space Bar and then quickly hold the left or right arrow buttons to make a combo backflip and get 160 points.


There are many ways to get more points. Jumping on a ramp and riding on it gives the player a lot of points, depending on how long they stay on the ramp. The player can also hold the left or right arrow buttons while on a ramp to grind and get even more points.

Though the player's avatar considers the roller coaster loop as an obstacle, it is actually not an obstacle. In fact, the player can skip the loop entirely by jumping over it. However, if the player does not skip the loop, they cannot move for a while until the loop is over. The player gets a lot of points for completing the loop as a reward.


  • A 2009 version of Rocket Board can be playable in also had a 2009 version of Buzzer Beater, with slightly different graphics. Click here to play the 2009 version.

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