A rare item is given to you when you collect Gems. There are Rare items, Very Rare Items, Ultra rare items, Legendary items, Mythical Items, and Otherworldly items.

You click/ talk to the wizard or click the Orb button to get to the gem insertion screen. You then can select the combination based on the gems you have earned from Bubble Bug, Candy Swap, Magic Pop, or Staries. Non-Premium Members can get only rare items where as Premium members can get all items. Non-Premium Members can get very rare, ultra rare, legendary, mythical, or otherworldly items if the buy gems with eCoins.




3 Sapphires = Rare Item

2 Sapphires + 1 Ruby = Rare Item

1 Sapphire + 2 Rubies = Rare Item 2 Sapphires + 1 Emerald = Rare Item

Very rare

Very rare

3 Rubies = Very Rare Item

2 Rubies + 1 Diamond = Very Rare Item

Ultra rare

Ultra rare

3 Emeralds = Ultra Rare Item

2 Diamonds + 1 Sapphire = Ultra Rare Item

2 Diamonds + 1 Ruby = Ultra Rare Item



3 Diamonds = Legendary Item

2 Diamonds + 1 Black Diamond = Legendary Item



3 Black Diamonds = Mythical Item

1 Emerald + 2 Moonstones = Mythical Item 

2 Black Diamonds + 1 Moonstone = Mythical



3 Moonstones = Otherworldly

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