Queenbee_ fantage celebrity

Queenbee_ is a fantage user who has been playing since June 29, 2010. Queenbee_ was (and still remains to be) a Fantage celebrity. She was 6th place is the hall of fame. Unfortunately, she is no longer in the hall of fame. Not much is known about her. During early March there was a giant fight between Queenbee_ and xxSheryxx and lots of people were saying things like "queen, be just leave you wanna be and such" but then Pinkstardust, Queenbee_'s sister, stepped in and helped. Queenbee_ likes to wear things that her sister wears the cool cat hair and the black 'n white shorts and cat ears.

Again, not much is known about Queenbee_ - that goes for her buddies too- we know that pinkstardust is one of them and we believe that jaclynn1999 and allisonbear are her buddies too, but we're not sure. One thing we surely know is that Queenbee_ is pinkstardust's sister.

She has won the Writer's Den for her Earth Day story. It was about PinkStarDust's thinking of the bombing the Earth to clean it up and she add herself in the story to help.


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