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Id-phone sent from a user

Level: 109 Joined: 2009 (date unknown)
Subscribers: 3.2k Old-Famous Fantagian
Last seen: 2012

Pinkiforever  is an old youtuber and famous fantagian from 2009-2012.

Her channel has over 3,000 subscribers and is well known to older fantagians.

She was good friends with sashbash, sammydew2(old famous fantage youtubers), suziecool and piper2831. Sadly, only sammydew2 is seen active to this day. Sammy's channel  Sashbash's Channel An article of Sammy

She is also well known for her Icarly series from and her music videos: Fantage iCarly series episode 1  A Fmv to Sashbash

Screenshot 1224

Photo from Sammydew2's album

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