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October 9, 2014

PM Boutique is a shop located Uptown. The shop allows users with Premium Membership to rent any Fantage item from a previous year to their inventory. Items selected will last a month before being reset. PM Boutique was released replacing the previous Vintage Gold shop in October 2014. The boutique is run by Sophia.


The main features of the PM Boutique are basically for Premium Members, but there is also something else that every user can participate in the boutique.

Renting Items

Exclusive to only those with Premium Membership, the boutique allows users to select available Inventory items and add them to their Inventory for a month. Items selected in the Boutique can't be sold in MyMall or at Lucky Bob's Trading Post, but they can be used in Fashion Show. The amount of items that can be selected per month varies by the duration of the Users Premium Subscription. After a month, selected items will be reset and new items can be chosen.

Top Model Tournament

About a month after the release of the PM Boutique, Fantage introduced the Top Model Tournament to users. Each day, a new theme will be selected. The player has to wear an outfit that best fits the theme. Once done, they go to the button with a crown and "1st" next to the Renting Items button at the top right corner of the screen. The window of the Top Model Tournament will open. To submit their outfit, the player clicks on the "Submit" button at the bottom left. The player can resubmit a different outfit only two times per day if they feel like they need to change their entry.


Quarterfinal round of voting.

The player can also vote the person with the best outfit relating to the theme. After clicking on the Vote button next to the Submit button, there is the Quarterfinal, where eight other people at random are participants in the voting process; the Semifinal, where the player votes between four people; and the Final Round, where the player chooses between two people. The player will get 50 Stars for their cooperation and the person selected for the Final Round will get Model Points.

At the end of the theme, the user who was voted the most will get a 1st place medal and 5,000 eCoins. The user voted 2nd place will get a 2nd place medal and 3,000 eCoins, and the user voted 3rd place will get a 3rd place medal and 3,000 Stars.


  • When the shop was first released, any item found in the Fantage Collection released before 2014 could be selected. This lasted for about a week before it was changed to a more limited collection of items, mainly items already available from existing Shops.

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