OwOCookies (piefru2ahahiiiii)


YouTuber, well known for her Animated series "Cast A Spell", and other Animated Fantage videos

OwOCookies is Fantage YouTuber known for her unique Fantage animated series and her fantage music videos. She currently has over 5000 subscribers and has a level of over 1000+ as a member.

She is the creator of one of the most popular Fantage series, Cast A Spell.

OwOCookies's IDfone, 9/21/13


OwOCookies fantage username is piefru2ahahiiiii. She is currently a member but has mentioned she doesn't like buying a game card and wasting her money. Her real name is Katherine, but her nickname is Kathy. She is 14 years old and is Korean. She does have a Fantage Facebook and an Instagram called 'Xxowocookiesxx'. She has really paved the way for lots of Fantage Youtubers today, and many people are inspired by her.

She mentioned on her profile on youtube that she might quit fantage because of the new trade shop - "You know I'm probably going to quit soon LOL since the game is bad now. No offence fantage but this trade shop bull**** **** up your game"

She has also mentioned that she dislikes the Mymall Owner - "The Mymall Shop Owner should be overthrown and is such a ***."



  • OwOCookies was one of the winners for the Fall 2011 Video Contest held by Fantage
  • OwOCookies has stated that she likes potatoes and cookies which makes sense since her channel name is 'OwoCookies'
  • She has stated that she likes making her videos short so she doesn't have to procastinate as much and she loves the fact that the videos can be looped
  • OwOCookies joined Fantage in December 31st 2009 making her one of the first users to join Fantage, excluding the BETA users

Notable Videos

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