Otherworldy Items are recived when a Moonstone is in the orb. They are shaped like hearts with rainbow colors on it. There are two ways to get them. Go for a daily spin or buy it.

A Moonstone Gem

Cost of a Moonstone Gem

The cost is 1,200 eCoins. If you get three, you need 3,600 eCoins. You need 7,200 eCoins for 6 gems.


It's not easy to get a Moonstone Gem, but the items you recieve from it makes it all worth it. Here is an example of someone wearing complete Otherworldly items.
Moonstone 1

Alice Costume, Cheetah Board, Card Scepter.

A note.

If you are here to check something wrong, you must be an admin. If you have more imformation or want to add an example of Otherworldly items, Feel free to add them.

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