Opposites Attract
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Opposites Attract was a Fantage Drama Series made by SkyeSummers, or popforpop as she is known on Fantage. The series was about a very cheerful and often hyper girl named Skye Summers who meets Riley Thorne, an ill-tempered bully and "lone wolf." She is forced to live with him for a while after her house collapsed due to an earthquake, and even has to tutor him. Although the two don't get along well at all for the first few weeks, Skye wants to help Riley and so she fixes a bad situation that has been going on between Riley and his father for the longest time. As Skye and Riley gradually start to open up to each other, other people step into their lives, making many complicated situations for the both of them and so constantly bringing up this question: Do opposites really attract? SkyeSummers has since deleted all her videos on her main channel and it's unknown if the series will ever be rebooted.

 Main Characters

  • Skye Summers
  • Riley Thorne
  • Mia Kirtz
  • Dinah Kirtz
  • Jasino Parks
  • Brendan Anderson

Supporting Characters

  • Abby Summers
  • Tracy Thorne
  • Mr. Thorne
  • Maggie


Episode 1

Skye Summers walks into school after her house has tumbled down in ruins due to an earthquake the day before. In order to have somewhere to stay, her aunt finds a place in one of her friend's homes. Skye realizes as they move in that she will be staying in the same house as her enemy, Riley Thorne!

Episode 2

Plot coming soon...

For contact information and many more pictures, visit the official Opposites Attract Wiki

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