Off The Hook


September 1st, 2011
Up to 15

Off The Hook is a quiz-show themed multiplayer game introduced during the Updated School Event of 2011. The game is focused on users answering true-or-false prompts by moving to appropriate parts of the game room. Off The Hook can be found in the Gym in the 2nd floor of the Fantage School.


To start a new game, users can click on either the stage in the Gym or on the game's logo under the "Games" option in a Private Classroom. Upon clicking, a window showing available games started by someone else pops up. Users may pick an available game or start a new one by click on the "Create a Game Room" button on the bottom of the window. Upon creating a new game, users can pick the theme of the game's rounds from eight categories:



  • Random: The game will pick random prompts from any of the other seven themes.
  • Math: The game will only show math-related prompts.
  • World History: The game will only show prompts relating to real-world historical events.
  • World Geography: The game will only show prompts relating to real-world places.
  • Science: The game will only show science-related prompts.
  • Grammar and Spelling: The game will only show prompts relating to, English vocabulary and grammar, as well as English sentences that may or not need to be fixed.
  • Sports: The game will only show sports-related prompts.
  • Pop Culture: The game will only show prompts about real-world pop culture and things about Fantage itself.

Once 15 users have entered a game, the first round will start showing true-or-false prompts, requiring the players to answer true or false by moving onto areas marked "True" or "False". Players will only have 10 seconds to pick a side. After 10 seconds, players are either eliminated or spared by the answer they pick. If players picked the correct response, they will be spared and may move on to the next round after five seconds. If players picked the incorrect response or did not pick a side, they are eliminated and are moved to the back of the room. Each game only lasts five rounds.


  • Empty game stage
  • Unlike Top Models Inc. Fashion Show, the host who created the game room plays alongside the other members.
  • Like most multiplayer games on Fantage, bots will enter the game in order to quickly start the game, in case no other human users are present.