New Fantage
Time Period

New fantage is the term to describe fantage during the time period 2014-Current it was when most updates where added to the game they added numerous amounts of new locations to the map and they got rid of all the stores from old fantage (trade and sell / vintage classic ect.)

New places added to map

  • The Island (Island by lighthouse including games and stores)
  • The Beach (A merged location of the original previous beach and lighthouse but now has a boat in which has games and stores)
  • Fantage Comet (Floating turtle island located top right of map that can only be explored on tablets, includes stores)
  • Fantage School (merged locaion of previous old fantage's school and zachs acting school, includes games)
  • Q blast (game located on the west side of downtown)

New Stores

  • Vintage Gold (store similar to vintage classic but sold items from every era of fantage including beta fantage, old fantage, and even the current one. the store sold 90% of everything fantage has ever released including limited items from the past. the store replaced trade and sell.)
  • My Mall (A store similar to trade and sell except you could only sell items not trade, but plot twist you can only buy and sell items at these kiosk's if you had either won or purchased fantages new currency "gold" which in early 2015 they made it easier to receive this gold or permission by logging in numerous amounts of days in a row)
  • PM Boutique (store that replaced current vintage gold, pm boutique is a store for premium members to wear clothes from the stores in the game but they cant keep it or sell at my mall *basically for poorer members to wear clothes* and the boutique also has a ultimate top model statue of new users everyday outfits based on a theme.)

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