Mythical Items
[[Gem Of Fantage|200px]]
A Black Diamond That Gets You A Mythical Item
Vital statistics
Start many say "beta version of Fantage"
End present
Prerequisites <add it here>
Level Only Premium Members Have It... Any Level
Location Wizard's Domain
Rewards A Mythical Item
Previous Next
Legendary Items Otherworldy Items

Mythical Items is what you get after mixing three of these: Gem Of Fantage.

Mythical Items and Black Diamonds are almost impossible to get, even for Premium members!!! If you just try hard enough, and get enough luck, you can get one.

Some people buy the diamond, play a game such as Staries, and just get it exclusively. These are the 2nd newest Gems, as the 1st Newest one is the Moonstone. The 1st way some people try to get mythical items is probably combining a Moonstone and 2 Diamonds.

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