Release Date
May 29, 2014
Items Sold
User items
Premium membership, Gold

MyMall is a building located in Uptown. In there, users can sell and buy items with Gold. The shop was released in May 2014. Originally to sell in MyMall, a temporary business permission was required; this was later replaced with tokens.


MyMall allows users to purchase and sell their items using Gold; a currency released alongside the shop. On the release day, 500 users were selected for a 1 day free selling permission to promote the shop. 

Selling Items

To sell in MyMall, users must first purchase tokens. Users can sell 1 item per token and the item will be up for purchase for 24 hours. Selling is a premium feature as of November 2016.

Buying items

Items can only be bought with Gold, which can only be purchased in cash or earned from selling items. Users can only purchase clothing items from merchants of the same gender, but Boards can be purchased by everyone, because they are unisex.