Monster Color Battle

Monster Color Battle

February 19th, 2010 - March 1st, 2010
Event Type
Event Theme
Monster, Color Battle
Areas Affected

Monster Color Battle is an event hosted in Fantage right after Valentine's Day Party 2010. It is the first variant of Color Battles after their debut in the Color Battle event that was hosted about a month before.


Monster Color Battle follows the same style of Color Battles, which were designated areas made in the Beach and Carnival areas held multiplayer battles. These battles would be in rounds where players pick a side out of two presented sides (which are picked at random from four sides), but unlike the original Color Battle concept where players had to get items to wear in order to pick a side, pictures of monsters were presented and each player had to click on a monster to pick a side.

At the end of the round, the amount of players on each side would be presented to everyone in the room. The team with the most members wins, and each player who picked the winning team received StarsPremium Members would receive double the amount of Stars if they were on the winning side.


  • Color Battle Monsters
    The monsters featured in the event were later turned into costumes available for players to buy at the Costumes Shop.

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