Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.07.57 PM

The outside of the Mission Center.

The Mission Center is where Fantage people go to get missions. It has a computer showing missions, and it's a relatively small room. However, it is the home to the Fantage Secret Agency, FSA for short. It has an elevator leading to the HQ
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.16.30 PM

The elevator of the Mission Center.

itself. You can find elevators to the FSA in Downtown between Top Models and Stella Salon, and Uptown between MyMall and the Furniture Store. However, it is impossible to get to the HQ without an elevator, and impossible to see the whole. New17 caught 1 picture,the computer. So, it turns out the HQ is actually under Fantage. In April 2014, Missions that include the Old Creature Area like Who Broke Top Models were removed from Fantage. 
Screen Shot 2013-01-17 at 8.20.44 PM

The Computer of the Mission Center.

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