Izzy and minty in the window

izzy7645 left, Mintytree34 right

Mintytree34 is a normal Fantagian by the level of 325 (as of July 25, 2012). She has a large inventory. Her buddy list isn't full because she hasn't been adding many new friends lately. Now she adds members where ever she can find them. If you spot her and say hi to her, she is most likely to add you.

330 - As of 7/28/12
Relationship Status
Taken - Lightning111
Favorite Games
Fashion show, Jelly fishin, Fish fish
Best Friend
Sophielolbrb, also her baby sister

Below you can find Minty's family members:

Baby sister, 5 months old: sophielolbrb, also Minty's BFF

Toddler, 3 yrs old: mintytree34

Middle Sister, 11 yrs old: sonathach215

Oldest sister, 18 yrs old: ellie5845

Mom: jasmine58618

Dad: polar_bear517

Minty's parents have been divorcing a lot, but her and her sisters manage to get her two parents back in a relationship. Minty's dad has been cheating on her mom a lot with other girls.

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