Memos are ways you can leave messages for your fellow Fantagians to receive.

How to Leave a Memo

You can leave a memo by entering your house. Once you do this, look at the upper right hand corner. You should see two symbols: one that is a brown book that reads 'Album' and one that is yellow and has a navy blue smiley face with a pen on it reading 'Memo'. Obviously, you click on Memo. Once you do that, a mini screen will pop up that is yellow. In the right hand corner of the screen, you'll see an orange button that has a pen that says 'Write'. Click that and you can choose who you want to send the memo to by clicking the drop down menu on the left side. Start writing!

It is fun to send some messages to your friends when they aren't on. It is good idea if you need something or meet up in Fantage! Give yourself a chance to send one to your friend!!!

Receiving Memos

Coming Soon.

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