Admin m

Fantage Administrator

M on Fantage (2009)

M is a Fantage Admin. Little is known about his role, but he has been working for Fantage from the start. He replaced Himani for being Head Admin. If you joined during 2013 and 2014, he appeared with Peabody saying that she likes him cause he's a daredevil in rocket boarding when you were welcomed to Fantage. He also buys new (boy) members a board and gives them new stuff daily for the first 5 days (during the time this was going on). He also sometimes broadcasts what is happening that month on Fantage. He usually gives out the monthly premium member item, if you click the place where the PM monthly item is, you will see a letter 'written' by him to you, congratulating you on being a premium member (whether you are or not). But only premium members recieve the free gifts.


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