How to get little codies.

The Codies Family, also known as Little Codies, is a family of Pets that were introduced on June 26, 2014. There are three Codies in this family. Unlike the other Pet families that required the user to purchase and hatch eggs, Codies are created by materials given to the user by Captain Cody, who the pets are named after.


To create a Cody, the user must get materials by either buying them with Gold or from random chance while talking to Captain Cody or playing the various Pet Games, both of which are in Pet Town. The user will be given one of three wearable Accessories (either yarn, fabric, or stardust) in one of three colors (blue, pink, and purple).

The user must collect nine of three Accessories (each of one color) in order to create a Board (previously 30 accessories). Once three (previously five) Boards are created, a Magic Code for the Codies Family will be given.

Family Members

  • Cody Jr., a blue pet who looks similar to Captain Cody. They require Blue Fabric, Blue Yarn, and Blue Stardust.
  • Rose, a pink bear holding a red rose. They require Pink Fabric, Pink Yarn, and Pink Stardust.
  • Toby, a purple pet appearing similarly to a teddy bear. They require Purple Fabric, Purple Yarn, and Purple Stardust.