How to get little codies.

Little codies is an ongoing event style reward to get pets on Fantage. Here is how you can get pets from Cody's world:
To do this play any pet game and you will randomly be given 'prizes' that are all accessories.

  • Collect 30 accessories of the same color to create a cube board. (This has since been changed to 9 accessories of the same color, with 3 of each, as said below)
  • Collect 5 cube boards of the same color to create a pet. (This has since been changed to only 3 cube boards of one color, said below)

Accessories can also be bought using Gold. Cody also comes all the time to give out free accessories. The accessories are stardust, fabric and yarn, and come in blue, purple and pink. With 3 each of one color, you can make a cube. You need 3 cubes for a pet.

Cody Jr.

A pet that is blue and looks like captain cody. Accessories needed:

  • Blue fabric
  • Blue yarn
  • Blue stardust


A pink bear holding a red rose. Accessories needed:

  • Pink stardust,
  • Pink fabric
  • Pink yarn


A purple pet that looks almost like a teddy bear. Accessories needed:

  • Purple yarn
  • Purple stardust
  • Purple fabric

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