Guidance NPC/Forest Fairy
"HI! My name is Lily and I'm the Featured NPC of this issue! Once the forest comes out you'll find me hanging outside my grotto catching some rays of sunlight and stretching my wings out. I love exercising outdoors, it's great! I also love cream puffs! Mmm, so delicious and flaky on the outside, and moist and sweet on the inside! Good thing I do all this exercise, eating too many sweets is totally unhealthy. :P Thanks for reading everyone!"

Lily is a fairy in Fantage. Though there are people in Fantage that are not their kind (people in Fantage are Fantagians), she assists people by guiding them about the Forest.


Lily is a yellow/orange winged fairy with yellow/orange antennaes, blue curly hair, green eyes, and a blue and green outfit. She guards the Grotto.


Like Aimee, Officer Russell, and one of the guards at the Castle, Lily was originally just part of the background design. Now she is a tour guide for the Forest and is given the name Lily. She was then changed to the seller of Cosmic Crests.


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