Lights Out!

Lights out

August 22nd, 2013 - August 28?, 2013
Event Type
Story Event
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Lights Out! was an event in Fantage during August 2013. For the success of the blackout event in 2012, Fantage made this similarly glowing event. Gizmo was working when the power generator stopped working and all of the lights in Fantage went out. It's up to the Fantagians to help him fix the lights while partying in the dark.


  • All of Fantage has turned dark. Your cursor and your Fantagian, like 2012's blackout, are the only things glowing on your screen with the exception of some people and people with firefly costumes.
  • Fireflies were all over Fantage. Having a certain colored Firefly Catcher Costume could allow you to catch a certain colored firefly and get a prize depending on the colors.
  • There was an event comic featuring what happened while Gizmo was working and a Story Stampbook to complete.
  • Power generators and Power Capsules were all over Fantage. Filling power generators with Power Cells(which can be found in some lucky Power Capsules) made the area lighter, but as time goes on the power meter will go low so try to refill it with many Power Cells.
  • Power Capsules all over Fantage could give you Power Cells, items/furniture(if you're lucky enough), and a low amount of Stars.
  • The clothes you could recieve were a glowing pink and blue outfit (which resembles a shirt and shorts), a glowing pink hair bow with a black heart in the center, pink glowing shoes, and bright teal hair.
  • the furniture you could get included, but not limited to, a futuristic bed and a green moon chair that hung from the ceiling.


There were no featured games. The only main feature was to collect fireflies or recharge the power generators.


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