Kawaii's a Mermaid!

Kawaii a mermaid

July 25th, 2013 - July 31st, 2013
Event Type
Story Event
Event Theme
Under the Sea
Areas Affected
The Island
Featured Games

"Kawaii's A Mermaid!" was an event in Fantage featuring Kawaii. Made in late July 2013, Kawaii's long-time wish to travel and explore under the sea has come true, when Orion helps Kawaii turn into a beautiful mermaid. But Orion has no clue how to turn her back, so you must help him! This is the event that made Fantage create the underwater.


  • You can now travel underwater by going through an underwater tunnel. You need certain scuba-diving costumes to join into the sea with others. You can now find them underwater or at High Tide.
  • New sea-horse catcher costumes were made, and you can still collect seahorses up to this date. Earn Stars by catching sea horses.
  • A scavenger hunt was made at this event. You must help Orion collect gems to help change Kawaii back.


There weren't exactly any new games at the time, but you can collect seahorses at this time.

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